Windows Performance Analysis Tools : Contient Xperf.exe , Xperfview.exe et Xbootmgr.exe

Windows Performance Toolkit – Xperf : One of the most powerful features in Performance Analyzer is the ability to visualize stacks. It’s important to note that this requires no special instrumentation in the code – only that you have symbols for the binary components you are interested in analyzing.

  • Set the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH to your symbol store :
  • xperf -on latency -stackwalk Profile.
  • Run the application that you wish to analyze
  • You can end the trace by using the regular xperf –d .etl command.
  • Load the trace in the viewer and then select the Load Symbols from the Trace drop down menu.
  • Once the symbols are loaded, select an interesting region on the CPU sampling graph.
  • Right click and select Summary Table.

Using the Windows Sample Profiler with Xperf :

    -stackwalk profile
    -minbuffers 16 -maxbuffers 1024 -flushtimer 0
    -f e:\tmp.etl
  • faire tourner le programme à tester
  • xperf -d profile.etl

The Xperf Command Line Tool in Detail : An Example

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