Introduction au SDK Android

Parallèle entre Swing et l’UI d’Android

Android versus Java ME

Mes premiers pas avec Android : conseil d’optimisation

Interview : Dev de l’appli Suivi conso sur Android (par bouyghes)

Sources de l’implémentation de wpa :

Une offre de crypto pour android dont le tls, ssh, certificate manager
Seul Android Donut gérera les certificats avec TLS

Description de la sécurité d’Androïd :
android uses unix file permission on the bottom level. this means
each application is started with as a seperate user being able to access
data from the corresponding application.
If you sign your apps with the same signature and you explicitly
request it, they can get a shared UID

platform = creating phones (2nd party)
SDK = creating apps that run on phones (3rd party)

Secrets for Android securely store and manage passwords and secrets. illustrates how applications can perform file I/O, use the crypto APIs, and do some simple 3-D view animation

Android snippets : Encrypt/Decrypt Strings
Liste de snippets

Principe du code signing des applis