Gnutls gère les clés GPG
gpg –export-secret-keys 5D1D14D8 > openpgp-server-key.bin

PGPDump affiche le contenu d’un clé dans le format pseudo-PEM —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—–
# RFC 1991, the PGP 2 format, was published in August 1996.
# RFC 2440, the OpenPGP format was published in November 1998.
# RFC 2440 has been revised by the RFC 4880 in November 2007.

– i guess openssl doesnt know the pgp format. I couldnt find any
openssl’s rsa utility to convert the rsa public key to OpenPGP format.
Since i noticed in the gpg faq and my « gpg –version » that gpg has RSA
support, i thought we should be able to verify the signatures generated by
RSA algo using the rsa public key (i guess this is pkcs#1 format).

Thats when i stumbled upon this that gpg doesnt allow me to import anything
other than a key which is in open pgp format.
So can we at all verify the rsa digital signature by using gpg -verify??!