WinDirStat portage windows de kdirstat.
Utilise une treemap en rectangles, sympa.

Disk Size Manager 2.0 camembert, commercial
Le classique TreeSize
Scanner : Top-notch graphical disk disk usage tool employing concentric ring design.
Computers > Software > Disk Management > Usage Analysis

Au passage pour nettoyer windows : C:\Windows\$Ntupdate——$ »
Let yourself go and delete the lot. Microsoft has made it easy for you. If you look at « Add/Remove programs » you’ll see that all those uninstallation tags are gone.

How to Safely Delete Orphaned Patches Msizap.exe is a command line utility that removes either all Windows Installer information for a product or all products installed on a computer.
Safe to deleted files in C:\Windows\Installer? The only safe method to remove Installer files is
to use the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility:
Le Windows Installer CleanUp Utility contient Msizap