Cert Viewer Plus : Export certificat en PEM
= 2 extension chinoises
* CA Untrustworthy, Delete or disable CA certificates owned by CNNIC
* Cert Alert, Notify the user if download any content from CNNIC SSL sites.

Certificate Patrol : Permet de détecter tout renouvellement de certificat

Key manager : You can think of this tool as XUL based GUI for NSS command line tools, certutil, pk12util, signtool, and crlutil. This extension also borrows from the web-interface for « certcgi » tool to provide XUL forms for fine grain control on specifying various certificate extensions.
View Your Certificates Email Address 0.2.2
Expiry Canary
CipherFox : Displays the current SSL/TLS cipher and keysize in the status bar.
XML Digital Signature Tool : This tool provides an XPCOM-IDL based wrapper around C++ based Apache XML security library. Provides XUL based GUI for specifying various parameters for signing XML files and verifying signed XML files. generate Self-Issued SAML Token. HTML Signing Profile