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Mon commentaire :
Thanks for this useful description.

One more things : this attack has been several time refereed to as being a plain text attack. But usually plain text attacks are attacks where the comparison between the encrypted and clear text reveals information about the key used, and AES has no such weakness.

It would be very bad, but also very big, news to find one.

So I think this attack is more appropriately described as an encryption oracle attack with block boundary control. This class of attack, and the fact it will reveal the data byte by byte has been known for a while. Here’s one reference to it, http://books.google.com/books?id=kFopqzURmw8C&lpg=PA148&ots=I7fHyYuSU2&dq=%22encryption%20oracle%22%20boundary&pg=PA148#v=onepage&q=%22encryption%20oracle%22%20boundary&f=false, from the 2007 Security Protocols Workshop in Brno.