Setting up a Symbol Server
Using SymStore If you are using SymSrv as your symbol server, any compression should be done using the compress.exe tool that is distributed with the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). Compressed files should have an underscore as the last character in their file extensions (for example, module1.pd_ or module2.db_). For details, see Using SymSrv.
SymStore Command-Line Options
SymbolServer Callback Function : If DbgHelp is looking for a .pdb file, the id parameter contains a pointer to the PDB GUID. Parameter two contains the PDB age. Parameter three is unused and set to zero.

Using SymSrv
The symbol path (_NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable) can include several directories separated by semicolons for SymSrv to use to locate symbol files. This path can also include symbol stores using the following syntax:

  • symsrv*ServerDLL*DownstreamStore*\\Server\Share
  • symsrv*ServerDLL*\\Server\Share
  • srv*DownstreamStore*\\Server\Share
  • srv*DownstreamStore1*DownstreamStoreN*\\Server\Share
  • srv*\\Server\Share
  • srv**\\Server\Share
  • srv**\\Server\Share*http://InternetSite

  • symsrv Indicates to the debugger that this item is a symbol server, not just a normal symbol directory.
  • ServerDLL The name of the symbol server DLL. If you are using the SymSrv symbol server, this will always be Symsrv.dll.
  • srv* Same as symsrv*symsrv.dll.
  • srv** Same as symsrv*symsrv.dll plus the default downstream store, which is set using SymSetHomeDirectory.
  • DownstreamStore1 to DownstreamStore10 A series of one to ten local directories or network shares that will be used to cache individual symbol files. If a directory does not exist, SymStore will attempt to create it. For performance reasons, it is a good idea to make the first downstream store specified a local directory.
  • \\Server\Share The server and share of the master symbol store.
  • An empty field (either ** or a terminating asterisk) indicates the default downstream store.

Use the Microsoft Symbol Server to obtain debug symbol files Set _NT_SYMBOL_PATH = symsrv*symsrv.dll*f:\localsymbols*

Configurer process explorer pour utiliser le debug server
Précharger les librairies depuis le debug server
symchk.exe /om c:\symlist /if c:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
symchk.exe /im c:\symlist /s SRV*c:\symbols*

Setting up a Symbol Server Sandbox