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Utiliser googleapps en tant que cdn, réseaux décentralisé de distribution de contenu

You can use native image generator to speed up your application Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe) Code Project : Ngen.exe — A discussion — Some Queries (.NET Framework Tools Series) Discurssion on stackoverflow : What Are Some Good .NET Profilers? JetBrains dotTrace and Redgate ANTS – EQATEC profiler is quite basic and requires you to compile […]

dump CFG to a graph by dehydra: – function ‘write_dot_graph’ in analysis.js : prints out a graph in ‘dot’ format, as used by GraphViz to produce an SVG file, run ‘dot -Tsvg > foo.svg’ – more of a demo that prints live range data. C’est quoi les CFG ? Context-free grammar en fait. La […]

WinDirStat portage windows de kdirstat. Utilise une treemap en rectangles, sympa. Disk Size Manager 2.0 camembert, commercial Le classique TreeSize Scanner : Top-notch graphical disk disk usage tool employing concentric ring design. Computers > Software > Disk Management > Usage Analysis Au passage pour nettoyer windows : C:\Windows\$Ntupdate——$ » Let yourself go and delete the […]

Discussion sur documentation generator pour C# : GhostDoc is a free add-in for Visual Studio that automatically generates XML documentation comments for C# : MSDN : XML Documentation Comments (C# Programming Guide) : you can create documentation for your code by including XML tags in special comment fields in the source code. When […]

The Amazing VM Record/Replay Feature in VMware Workstation 6 Setting up VMware to record, replay and debug intermittent Mochitest failures Record replay debugging feedback Record and replay debugging Firefox Using VMWare Record/Replay and VProbes for low time-distortion performance profiling Sword +5 Against Orange

Porting the Amplitude Application from the iPhone to a Windows Mobile Device – a Case Study

There’s a reference to a similar problem when recovering from sleep mode Maybe running the applet as a app is a way out ? Running Applets as Applications Turning an Applet into a Standalone Application > a large scale server thinking about switching > from Apache to lighttpd, the one problem that site wanted to solve was a > massive number slow clients simultaneously connected to the server, with > the http server mostly just serving as a pipe between the client and > php Dedicated reverse proxy servers […]

Le plus sérieux : This project is a flexible http server which can be embedded in any .Net application. It has a modular design where features are added using modules. Sinon Embedded .Net HTTP Server The server supports session management (through cookies), switching folders based on the host requested (running multiple domains on […]

Does Slow Growth Equal Slow Death?

PANASONIC Lumix DMC-TZ6 objectif LEICA grand angle de 25 mm. zoom optique 12x. Avis : Très belles photos, même en fin de soirée avec très peu d’éclairage. Je vais laisser de côté mon ancien bridge sans problème Recommendation de les numériques en octobre 2010 : Malheureusement la génération précédente est presque au même […]

Annonce PST : Doc MSG: MSGConvert: A .MSG to mbox convertor

Compiler SpideMoneky Seamonkey en stand alone mozrepl : Extension permettant à distance d’exécuter du JS dans Firefox JSSh : A peu près la même chose que mozrepl